Charcoal and Chalk Pastels Workshop with Clare Yarrington

We are excited to announce that Clare Yarrington will be with us on Saturday March 19th 2022!

Her workshop will include discussion, demonstration and a hands-on session on the use of chalk pastels and charcoal. We will experiment with different coloured and textured papers and softness of pastels and try out a range of mark making, colour blocking, building up layers etc. Depending on the weather, and personal preference, we will either venture out for some landscape/townscape sketching or work inside drawing natural forms. We will also cover the care and presentation of pastel art work.

AM session (2 hours) – discussion of materials with examples, with short demonstrations and hands-on experimentation for participants

PM session (3 hours) – hands-on session putting the experience of the morning into practice – working from life eg still life, outside or view from window if weather not suitable.

To secure your place go to, or for further info contact Margaret Hume at